Our Mushrooms

We are a company from Estonia that has been working with medicinal mushrooms for 10 years.

Our Wellness Collection reflects on selected functional mushrooms grown in the pristine environment of Estonia, and sourced from the best in the industry.


    Cultivated in our modern indoor facilities, we cultivate it to treasure its support in cognitive function and overall brain health.

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    Fresh from our forests, our chaga is definitely pure. It has been a very key ingredient in the enhancement of wellness.

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    Our Reishi mushrooms, thriving both outdoors and indoors, are favored for their stress-reducing effects.

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    Shiitake mushrooms are nurtured and grown with great care for your health. Indispensable product for your health

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    Sourced with the utmost care from the wilds and not cultivated by us, the Cordyceps variety is assured to match our exacting standards for energy enhancement.

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