White Label services

Looking for a trusted partner in white label services? Welcome to Estonia, welcome to Shroomwell!

We are here to serve you and offer all-in-one solution to make everything as smooth as possible: from production and warehousing to fulfillment services.

Our expertise includes producing different types of wellness products using fully automated bottling and liquid sachet machinery and advanced extractions methods like Ultrasonic technology. Both with and without functional mushrooms. Learn more below!


Established in 2014, Shroomwell (formerly Chaga Health) set out with a vision to become a household name in the functional mushroom supplement industry.

Ten years later, we have established ourselves as experts, boasting a unique production facility in the Nordics capable of producing a wide range of products to meet various needs. We have expanded from a boutique production shop into a large semi- and fully automated production facility in Tõrva, Estonia.  

Today, Shroomwell produces not only our own products but also serves numerous customers with white and private label products across Europe. Our long-term customers from Finland, Sweden, Germany, and beyond value our collaboration for the speed, quality, and variety of services we offer. 

  • State-of-the-Art Production

    • Nordic Approach: Clean production processes inspired by Nordic values.
    • Experience: Over 10 years of industry experience. 
    • Certifications: Adherence to top standards such as HCAAP, Organic certifications, and achieving Grade A in BRC for two recent years.
  • Value-Added Services

    • Comprehensive Solutions: From sourcing to production to distribution, we handle it all. 
    • Strategic Location: Our facility in Tõrva, Estonia, ensures easy shipping to all corners of the world. 
    • Expertise: Unique combined knowledge spanning the food, health, production, and logistics sectors. 
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At Shroomwell, our dedication to manufacturing the highest quality products is unwavering. We understand that success lies not only in the product content but also in the packaging and overall consumer perception. Our expertise ensures that every product we produce is loved by your customers.



Our services are versatile: you can order them separately or request a full-service package. Just provide us with your recipes and final requirements, and we will manage the ingredient sourcing, production, and logistics.

  • Specialized Bottling and Sachets

    • Fully Automated Bottling: For bottles ranging from 250ml to 500ml.
    • High-Speed Liquid Sachet Machinery: For sachets sized between 20ml to 50ml.
    • Tincture Mixing and Bottling: For sizes between 30ml to 100ml.
  • Advanced Extraction Methods

    • Single or Double Extraction: Using water, alcohol, or glycerin as active agents.
    • Ultrasonic Extraction: A state-of-the-art method allowing for significantly higher bioactive component separation compared to classical methods. 
  • Custom Labelling and Packaging

    • Labelling: Custom solutions and designs based on your needs for bottles, tinctures and sachets.
    • Boxing and Packaging: Pack your bottle or sachet in a custom box to stand out from the crowd.
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Starting a new business or entering a new segment can be demanding without the required infrastructure.

Shroomwell can alleviate these challenges by offering production and drop-shipping services. In partnership with a 3PL expert with over 20 years of experience, we provide a turnkey solution to service your entire European market needs, whether B2B or B2C.


You focus on building your sales, while we handle everything else - production, warehousing, and fulfillment services - ensuring seamless operations and customer satisfaction!


Reach out to us with your needs, and we will find the best solution tailored to your requirements.

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