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We combined the wisdom of ancestors with modern-day science. This is how we make effective and functional health products from the medicinal mushrooms we ourselves grow.

Our green innovation and soft footprint help people, biodiversity and climate.

- Siim Kabrits

Head of the Shroomwell Group

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Fungi and the Environment

Fungi protect the biodiversity in trees and soil, support the cycle of matter and help life forms to bind and recycle carbon. Along with flora and fauna, fungi play an irreplaceable role in the ecosystem of planet Earth. It’s been like this for almost a billion years.

Shroomwell mushroom farms in Estonia, as well as starting from 2023 farms in the USA, already contribute to it. Our mission has also got another pillar: mushrooms are rich in bioactive compounds that are beneficial to human health.

Extreme growing conditions bring out the efforts of nature, where the importance of these compounds comes up. Estonia is a home for mighty mushrooms. Our winters are now milder, although the air temperature sometimes still drops below -30C. In addition, the air, groundwater and nature here are still among the cleanest in the world. All of this creates a good basis for growing medicinal mushrooms.

From 2023, we will fully manage the entire mushroom journey from growing to all the way to the distribution.

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Health and Awareness

In addition to our products, we also promote social awareness.

Shroomwell’s products and knowledge born from detailed research help to strengthen health and promote a sustainable lifestyle. Prevention is cheaper than cure.

Green innovation must also help alleviate the global climate and biodiversity crisis. It will only succeed if scientists, politicians, entrepreneurs, investors and billions of people get involved.

Shroomwell’s active allies are customers and investors on several continents. We also cooperate with scientists and forest experts around the world.

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Comprehensive Forest Management

Today, the value of forests is primarily seen in the density of timber. We give a completely new meaning to the forest through our innovative solutions not only in lower timber value forests but also at the logging sites and in forests with nature conservation restrictions.

We establish medicinal mushroom farms in such areas to increase the biodiversity and help to sequester carbon dioxide. Through these activities, we significantly increase the overall value of forests.

Current forest management model is too one-sided and that is why we stand for its replacement with ecological and future-oriented forest management.

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Shroomwell Innovation, Mushroom Farming and Research Lab


Shroomwell Innovation is the world’s largest grower of medicinal mushrooms, owning 500 hectares of field cultivation of medicinal mushrooms in Estonia and the USA. In South of Estonia, Tõrva, the company started the establishment of 5,000 square meters of indoor cultivation of medicinal mushrooms. Based on the combined volumes of outdoor and indoor cultivation, Estonian green growth is ahead of all global competitors.

We focus on two big areas – food supplement products and green innovation led by medicinal mushrooms. Manufacturing health products is part of our company’s DNA, to which green innovation is added today as a separate strategic direction.

Mushrooms are humanity’s next great opportunity, the potential of which has been underestimated for decades, but which, with the support of science and technology, is making a real breakthrough today. Medicinal mushrooms allow us to advance the future of several fields that have reached a critical point today. Mushroom-driven green innovation helps people, nature and the climate. We believe that any problem can be solved with just a few mushrooms.

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Our story

Our Past Achievements and Plans for the Future

The first scientific research on Chaga in the world, which took place under Professor Dragendorf of the University of Tartu.

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The foundation of Chaga on the subjects of folk medicine. We launched the first elixir on the market - Elemental Elixir - which is based on a 100-year-old Mulgimaa recipe.

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We started the cultivation of Chaga (black mass or Inonotus obliquus) mushrooms in Estonian forests, so that it would not be overharvested. Today, 600 people in Estonia grow Chaga mushrooms on more than 500 hectares in cooperation with Mycelia, the world's leading mushroom laboratory from Belgium.

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Mushroom development and competence center in Tallinn has been completed, which monitors the development of mushrooms in forests and soil, as well as looks for new applications for mushrooms.

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We started growing Reishi (Ling Zhi or Ganoderma lucidum) and Turkey Tail (Pope’s Nose or Trametes versicolor) in Estonian clear-cut areas in order to provide new sources of secondary income for forest management.

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We established a joint venture called Forest Fungi Farms LLC. in Maine, USA and started farming Chaga in Maine region.


In Tõrva, we are opening the largest indoor cultivation of medicinal and gourmet mushrooms in the region (building area 1200 m2), to support food security with healthy alternatives.


We are entering new key markets (USA and UK) with wellness-products. We are expanding the portfolio with consumer products made from medicinal mushrooms.


We extend innovative and tested forest management solutions to the forests of Sweden and the USA.

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We are testing the introduction of pine saplings enriched with the mycelium of the chanterelle mushroom into the natural environment in Estonia and Sweden.

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We are starting a mushroom carpet project with the aim of eliminating oil and chemical environmental pollution. Other goals include the soil fertility improvement, the revival of desertified areas, and the improvement of the water regime. In addition, we aim to give an alternative to peat reserves as a growing substrate as well as to help with the recovering of the soil after forest fires.


We are developing methods to assess the impact of mushroom cultivation on carbon sequestration and biodiversity maintenance.


We are the world's largest outdoor grower of medicinal mushrooms.

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