18 Jan 2023

SUN JOURNAL – Estonian partner of Livermore Falls chaga farmers visits Maine

SUN JOURNAL - Estonian partner of Livermore Falls chaga farmers visits Maine

CEO of Chaga OÜ/Shroomwell visits Just Niks Mycosilva owners in Livermore Falls to discuss benefits and potential of farming mushroom products in Maine.

LIVERMORE FALLS — The vast tracts of forest land in Maine and its potential for farming chaga and other mushroom products has brought the chief executive officer of Chaga OÜ/Shroomwell, who says it is the largest chaga farming company in the world, for a firsthand visit.

Silver Laus traveled over 3,800 miles from Estonia to meet with his company’s U.S.-based partners, Justin Triquet and Nikki Leroux, the owners of Just Niks Mycosilva in Livermore Falls. Last year, the couple started tapping into the growing demand for chaga by forming the partnership with Chaga OÜ, which developed a process of inoculating birch trees with special wooden dowels to eventually produce natural chaga. The technique has been used in Finland and Estonia for the past five or so years and the first harvests are proving successful.

“We have the business model, we have the knowledge, we have a system that’s kind of tested out,” Laus said, explaining the partnership. “We are supportive financially, but we need people on this side taking care of things,” which is where Just Niks Mycosilva comes in. They will handle virtually every aspect of the business here in Maine — from soliciting potential investors and landowners to distributing the finished product, which is already manufactured in Estonia and widely available in Europe.

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